VRA Health is committed to facilitating convenient access to professional healthcare consultations through our telehealth services platform. However, it is important for all users to understand the nature and limitations of these services:

  1. Professional Medical Opinions: The medical consultations and opinions provided by healthcare providers (doctors) through the VRA Health platform are solely the responsibility of the individual providers. These opinions are based on their professional judgment, expertise, and the information provided by the patient during the consultation.

  2. No Liability for Outcomes: VRA Health, as a company, does not practice medicine or provide medical services. Therefore, we are not liable or responsible for the outcomes or consequences of the medical advice, diagnoses, or treatments proposed or provided by the doctors using our platform. The company does not endorse any specific tests, providers, products, procedures, opinions, or other information that may be mentioned on the platform.

  3. Platform Functionality: Our role is strictly limited to providing a medium for connecting licensed healthcare professionals with users seeking medical consultation. We do not interfere with, influence, or modify the medical advice or information provided by healthcare professionals.

  4. User Discretion Advised: It is entirely at the discretion of our users whether to seek, engage with, or act upon the medical advice received through our platform. Users are encouraged to independently verify any medical information and consultations with other qualified healthcare professionals, especially for serious or life-threatening conditions.

  5. Absence of Emergency Services: The VRA Health platform is not intended for use in emergency situations. In case of a medical emergency, users should contact their local emergency services immediately.

  6. No Guarantee of Accuracy: While we strive to ensure that the information provided on our platform is accurate and up to date, VRA Health cannot guarantee the accuracy or completeness of the information provided by healthcare professionals.

  7. No Legal or Medical Responsibility: VRA Health disclaims any legal or medical responsibility for the advice, treatment, or services rendered by healthcare professionals to their patients through our platform.

By using the VRA Health platform, users acknowledge and agree to these terms, understanding the nature and limitations of telehealth services. We recommend consulting with your regular healthcare provider for a comprehensive treatment plan and for any questions or concerns about your health.